Abyssinia Cafe and Restaurant

We welcome you to Abyssinia Cafe and Restaurant. Abyssinia Cafe and Restaurant is an Ethiopian traditional restaurant at the suburb of Leeds, United Kingdom. We cater the most unique traditional food from one of the major ancient spice trade routes-Ethiopia.

Abyssinia Cafe and Restaurant was established four years ago and has become an important dining experience to a good number of our customers. We strive to accommodate your needs whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan.Our passionate chef, who is also the restaurant manager, has a wide experience in Ethiopian cuisine with a magical twist.

We also provide Ethiopian coffee, freshly roasted and traditionally served. The colourful Ethiopian coffee ceremony, according to many of our customers, is always the highlight of their dining experience in our restaurant.

Abyssinia Cafe and Restaurant has been listed among the top 10 restaurants in Leeds by Trip Advisor for a good part of 2016. In fact, we were at the top spot for a number of weeks repeatedly. We are also an award winning restaurant for quality and services from GoodFood in 2016.